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After a presentation at the RSNA 2012 on how to publish your own e-book I decided to adapt material I wrote for internal use and the materials that I have available for my course on Medical Imaging Informatics for Biomedical Engineering students into e-books.

Introduction in Medical Imaging Informatics Course

  Preliminary version

The current version of this e-book is a rudimentary version that had to be ready for the next course. I've made this e-book freely available through this website. If you download (and read) it, please leave your comments below. Other volumes of this series will appear in pace with the current course and I will try to regularly update using the remarks I get.

The first part of the Introduction in Medical Imaging Informatics series is available here in a Beta version. Please provide feedback to improve this book.


  • Whitepaper on Server Client Models in Radiology for PACS and Advanced Visualization.
    The current transition to more server-client oriented architectures for PACS and Advanced Visualization could provide a more easy access to advanced capabilities within and outside healthcare institutions. However, although this fact is generally known, different server-client models exist all with their own specific properties and still fat client solutions are also available in the market. In many cases it is unclear which kind of setup is actually provided by the different vendors. Experience shows that, although the concepts of server-client oriented architectures may be clear to most healthcare IT experts, the different models and their properties are far from clear to most end-users. However, to choose, use, and deploy such a system successfully in a clinical setting, it has to be clear how these systems work and what the consequences are of selecting and implementing one particular system. To this end a classification is presented to determine the different server-client models and an explanation is provided of their specific properties.

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