Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Using the Microsoft Kinect for Patient Size Estimation and Radiation Dose Normalization: Proof of Concept and Initial Validation

An alternative way to use the kinect camera to estimate patient size and normalize the patient dose will be presented at the SIIM 2012. 

The authors conclude that as the need for more accurate dose monitoring increases, the best surrogates for patient size are being sought. While weight and body mass index are easily obtained, they do not always provide an accurate estimate of patient size, particularly of the region of the patient being imaged. Using the preliminary results from this novel method for estimating patient size, we can work towards more accurate means of estimating patient volume. These improved estimates of patient size can ultimately be used to correct CT dose estimates to better reflect both regional and global patient body habitus as well as patient positioning within the scanner bore. Ultimately, more accurate dose estimation improves care of our radiology patients by supplementing and improving the information that radiologists and non-radiologist physicians can use to order and protocol imaging studies appropriately.
The abstract can be found here.

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