Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Health and Technology 2012 - Doctor's case 2.0

Holland initiative for the tri-corder. Most of the diagnosis in the first line is referred by the GP, only a very small portion is performed by the GP. More diagnosis direcly performed by the GP could reduce healthcare costs significantly (approximately €900.000.000 per year in the Netherlands). A clear trend to group practices of GPs can be observed for flexiblity and cost efficiency. This trend could help to shift the diagnosis from the second to the first line (by GP).

Development and validation of medical devices and medical imaging informatics tools are a requirement to achieve this shift.

TNO has the ambition to develop within a period of 5 years the tricorder as anology to the tricorder used by dr McCoy in Star Trek. This tricorder should be used to provide test values that help the diagnosis as addition to the anamnese and the general impression/intuition of the GP. The tricorder should measure a list of 17 values within 5 minutes, be diagnostic effective with low false negative rate, and cost effective.

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