Thursday, June 27, 2013

CARS 2013 - Medical Imaging Informatics Simulators

After a short introduction and welcome by prof. Neri, prof. Huang presented a tutorial on Medical Imaging Informatics Simulators. In this tutorial a Medical Imaging Informatics Infrastructure was introduced together with its simulator environment. The simulators are plugged into the MIII layers which integrates with PACS/RIS/ePR/HIS/etc. The simulators can be built in different forms for a variety of applications utilizing different components. They use the actual 'live' information to provide a simulated environment for training and testing. The other simulators described by prof Huang are systems setup to achieve the standards based integration of different components within one single workflow enabling easy acces to and deployment of those different components. After a proven implementation in the simulator environment, the simulators can be moved into patient care.

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