Thursday, June 27, 2013

CARS 2013 - Image Distribution and Cloud Computing

Aryanto presented on an institutional DICOM data distribution system called RadTransceiver. They have built an environment to distribute DICOM data throughout the health enterprise using a webbased, standards based, environment. The setup allows easy distribution using different protocols either with or without anonymization.

Mahmoudi touched the topic of medical image annotation and retrieval. This group from Belgium uses CBIR to support a decision support system by providing similar previous exams based on a query image.

A zero footprint application of mobile devices in radiolgy was presented by dr. Engelmann. He showed that starting early this century the developments of mobile devices for medical image review has progressed steps until their now marketed product that is device independent and available from CHILI as CHILI/Mobile.

Final presentation by Kondoh on development of hybrid medical record sharing system, EPR and PACS of each hospital on cloud technology plus XDS and XDS-I on cloud technology.

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