Friday, December 6, 2013

RSNA 2013 - RC725 - quantitative imaging: informatics

Radiology currently is primarily concerned with pattern recognition with some linear measurments. Therefore, the demand for quantitative tools is little in radiology. Residents should be trained in using 3d software and planning during their regular rotations. To determine the correct measurements validation datasets are needed. What is required:
1. Better tools to create measurements are required with integration into the PACS to integrate into the regular workflow.
2. Better tools for representing the results (DICOM SR and AIM are available but adoption by vendors is slow).
3. Education.
4. Validation datasets. How to use existing tools and how not to mis-use them.

The main immediate informatics challenge is that the workflow for 3D postprocessing is poor.

QIBA is trying to streamline the process of obtaining quantitative imaging biomarkers. Using standards is a prerequisite in this effort.

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