Monday, December 2, 2013

RSNA 2013 - VSIN21 - radiology informatics series: mobile computing devices

Mobile is the single largest disruptive technology for the next decade. While desktop PCs are reducing in number the number of tablets is rising steadily. The number of smartphones is exploding right now showing an enormous increase (half of the facebook users are mobille only).
Eighty percent of smartphones shipped today are running android. This shows that android is starting to takeover apple iOS. This is also shown in tablets where android is also more sold nowadays than the iPad while the iPad currently still is the most used tablet based on network traffic measurements.
In terms of security, android shows a higher number of malware apps than apple iOS. Also in terms of enterprise security policies, VPN handling, etc, iOS is way ahead of android with for example enterprise single sign on and VPN per app.

The iOS first approach to develop an app seems to be the way to go in radiology because of the wider acceptance and use of apple devices.

To develop an app the steps to take are identify concept, user interface design, programming, construct app, and finally polish the app.

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