Wednesday, December 4, 2013

RSNA 2013 - RC526 - Cool technologies for radiologists

Tablet applications. 

- Pocket
Collecting bookmarks to websites into your pocket for later acces on any device.

- PDF readers
Examples are GoodReader, iAnnotate PDF, expert PDF. They allow reading and annotation of different files. However, they all are paid apps.

- Educational tools
Audience response apps are Poll everywhere (over 40 respondents requires a monthly payment), Poll runner ($10 per year), socrative (free and easy to use but a bit simple compared to others)

Baiboard collaborative whiteboard allowing multiple users that can join a board.

- technology tools is a website to cooperate on writing a paper. It includes a full version tracking. This is a free tool.

Udutu online course authoring tool. Pre designed course templates can be used to design and share courses. Sharing either by webpage or by building a zip.
Udemy has a simpler GUI with less style which is also free to use.

Dropbox alternatives that can be used are Spideroak. Drawback is that it does not provide sharing. However, the data security level is higher than when using dropbox.

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