Friday, March 6, 2015

ECR 2015 - personalized medicine in radiology

A. Imaging is everywhere in personalized medicine - van der Lugt
B. Personalized prevention: population-based imaging and image-based screening - Bamberg
C. Integrated diagnostics: towards one diagnostic department - Cuocolo
D. Interventional radiology: a paradigm for personalized medicine - Goldberg

Diagnosis has a prominent position in personalised medicine. Personalized medicine is: Providing the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.
Personalized or Precision medicine is the classification of individuals into subpopulations to optimize treatment. Imaging plays an important role in this classification. Furthermore, imaging can also be applied to evaluate treatment response in order to allow early correction of treatment if needed.
The ESR will in the coming weeks publish a whitepaper on the role of imaging in personalized medicine.

In case of imaging, the right imaging modality and protocol should be determined for a specific patient. ESR iGuide is developed to help clinicians to select the right modality for a specific question.

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