Wednesday, December 4, 2013

RSNA 2013 - SSM11 - Image Sharing

The RSNA Image Share Network: 20 Month Follow-up Results from a Pilot Site
An interesting presentation covered automatic rule-based deletion of data in PACS. Based on regulations and actual measurement of the use of older data (retrievel of data >1 yo was less then 5%) they deviced rule based deletion to free up space in PACS and reused the free space. This avoids vast  growth of the PACS database and saves money in the long run.

Strategies for Foreign Study Ingestion by a PACS Interfaced to a XDS Affinity Domain
Quebec (canada) has a regional XDS environment connecting all hospitals and clinics with a single registry for the whole province. There are three repositories with multiple hospitals pushing data to each of the repositories. The repositories take care of the central registration in the registry.
Problem they ran into was the lack of XDS-I consumer support by the PACS providers. Each hospital is fitted by a proxy which queries the registry and get the images from the repository. Subsequently data coercion (pat ID and acc nr correction) is performed and data stored in local PACS.

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