Monday, March 10, 2014

ECR 2014 - RC1605 - Improving workflow efficiency and quality 1

decision support in radiology is required because of the large variety of examinations. For example, double scanning rates can go up to 30% and many unnecessary exams are conducted. The decision of the appropriate imaging is heavily depending on the availability of the clinical inforrmation to properly use scoring lists to determine the optimal imaging. 
The challenge with implementation of computerized physician order entry is the availability of proper rules and guidelines.
The ACR has developed an IT solution to provide decision support in the US with a commercial product called ACRSelect that can be used as a stand-alone, web based, or EPR integrated solution.
In Europe decision support is hampered by te variety in countries and languages. Only the UK and France have guidelines and recommendations but because of the wide variety between the UK and France guidelines, the ACR approach is adopted. There is interest to develop a set of global guidelines together with ACR. 
CDS could help improve medical quality and effiiciency, avoid unnecessary imaging thus reducing cost and reducing radiation exposure.

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