Monday, March 10, 2014

ECR 2014 - RC1605 - Improving workflow efficiency and quality 2

reporting has four strategies:
1. text mode
2. fill in the blanks
3. serial assembly
4. mixed or nested assembly

Many different factors have been published that relate to errors in radiology reporting.  Therefore, a more structured approach to reporting is required since the images are not the product of radiology but the conclusion of the report is.

The ESR and RSNA has presented a joint initiative on structured reporting. The different affiliated, subspecialty and national societies of the ESR will be uploading structured reports through the website of the RSNA. The IHE MRRT Management of Radiology Report Templates defines the technical framework of building report templates.
The HTML reports downloadable from the RSNA repository can be used and locally adapted to have optimal reports.

In  the coming years ESR subcommittees should start to contribute to the RSNA and although practical clinical impelentations are limited, interest from radiologists and willingness to start testing these report is growing.

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