Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free on-line display calibration tool by Qubyx

On their website, Qubyx claims that too much is being paid for so-called "medical displays". They claim that any premium LCD display can be calibrated to meet the highest medical standards with an image quality that matches or even surpasses the most overpriced displays on the market.

To demonstrate this claim, they introduced a free webased calibration tool called Display Test. Display Test is easily accessible anywhere, free of charge, fast to use, and does not require a measurement device, according to the company. It measures luminance reproduction accuracy of a display based on randomly generated test combinations of letters and numbers displayed with varying luminance that have to be repeated by the user. By doing this, the just noticable differences are recorded.
To receive the test results, an e-mail address has to be provided, also enabling to setup a date for the next scheduled test.

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  1. I think you slightly misunderstood what Display Test is. It's not really a calibration tool, but an online quality test for you too see how well your display reproduces gray shades.