Saturday, February 4, 2012

How Secure Is Cloud-based Image Sharing?

Check out this entry on the security of cloud-based image sharing on Diagnostic Imaging.
They state that interest in cloud-based image sharing has swelled in recent months. The topic has appeared on national conference agendas, and a growing number of vendors now offer clients the ability to transfer images anywhere worldwide. But the rising popularity of sending images via the Internet doesn’t mean everyone in the radiology industry is comfortable with the idea.
I a poll Diagnostic imaging did they found that 70% of respondents are concerned about the security of cloud-based image sharing. Two major concerns are: Will images viewed through the cloud be of high enough quality to render a diagnosis, and will a cloud sharing system protect the large number of patient images effectively?
In this article they discuss these issues with some of the vendors that have cloud-based image sharing on the market today.

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