Monday, November 28, 2011

RSNA: Decoding the Alphabet Soup

The RSNA is involved in many informatics activities and projects including IHE, MIRC, and RadLex. During this session more information on these activities is provided.

The tools are all developed part of the RSNA and freely available from the RSNA website.

MIRC is the RSNA teaching file system. Besides the system itself, the MIRC workgroup also developed other tools. CTP (clinical trial processor) can be used for data transfer for clinical trials including high level anonymization and firewall penetration.

A new, 2011, version of MIRC was shown which includes a rewrite of the software and also has a new and improved interface. One of the new possibilities are the 'shopping cart' to select cases for conferences.

RadLex is an encoding system which is complementing the existing coding systems including radiology oriented terms. In RadLex imaging methods (playbook) and diagnosis are included. The first version of the playbook for CT was launched this RSNA.

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