Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Launch Center for Medical Imaging

Today the Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands (CMI-NEN) was launched. Presentations were given by representatives of government, industry, healthcare insurance companies and research groups providing a wide view on the possibilities and future perspectives of this Center of Research Excellence.
Within this CMI-NEN, Medical Imaging Informatics is a very prominent enabler and one of the discipline groups.

One of the main issues presented by several of the stakeholders is that cooperation between public and private entities is essential. Within CMI a large amount of companies, of which many are working in the area of medical imaging informatics, are cooperating with the university medical center groningen and the technical university twente.

Furthermore, medical imaging informatics is regarded one of the possible solutions to reduce the cost of healthcare in an ageing society and to increase productivity.

The digital imaging infrastructure is an important project of CMI-NEN which will be starting soon and aims to setup a unique and high-end multi-site digital medical research infrastructure.

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