Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ECR 2012 - SS505/B0376 - Semantic navigation in radiology

In this presentation (abstract here) a method was proposed that links semantic information from the radiology report directly to images. Additional value of the methodology would be the capability to auto compare what is written in the radiology report to the pathology reports that are constructed later in the diagnostic process. To achieve their objective the researchers developed tools to analyze and automatically index text to include them into a search engine. They suspect possible applications in clinical, research and teaching environments.

  • Validate diagnosis
  • Looking for best-practice reports
  • Mobile app for clinicians
  • Integration in referring physician portal
  • Collecting patient cohorts
  • Database for teaching cases
  • Prepare lectures and talks
The concluded that their analysis shows that comprehensive syntactic and semantic text analysis is required to achieve high-quality information extraction from radiology reports. This could be the basis for a number of value-added applications in clinic, research and teaching.

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