Thursday, October 31, 2013

HIMSS Europe 2013 Amsterdam - SB1: Benchmarking eHealth and EMRAdoption in Europe

HIMSS started to develop EMR adoption models also for primary care (PC-EMRAM). It can be used to determine the interoperability of the General Practitioner. Two dutch GPs introduced an ICT ladder for the GP developed specifically for the Netherlands.

Krijgsman from Nictiz intriduced the eHealth monitor 2013. The report can be obtained by download from or where and infographic can also be obtained. The field consultation showed good progress but still a long way to go. The Netherlands is at the forefront when looking at a global scale. The use of self management of health information by patients is still very low and also the demand for it is very low. Four steps should be made to increase eHeatlh in the Netherlands:

Create greater awareness of options
Encourage electronic exchange of information
Provide access to medication records to patients
Increase eHealth awareness and enhance skills of professionals

Below this you will find the official session information and abstracts.

Rachelle Blake, PA (Physician Assistant), MHA, CEO and President of Omni Micro/Omni Med Solutions, Clinical Informatics, Data Analytics and Healthcare Technology Specialist

Establishing Benchmarks for EMR Adoption with the PC – EMRAM and ICT Ladder Models: The Only Way is Up!

Uwe Buddrus, Managing Director, HIMSS Analytics Europe, Germany
Bart van Pinxteren, General Practitioner, Huisartsen Oog in Al, The Netherlands
Hans Peucker, General Practitioner, SpinDok, Medisch Centrum Dorp, Houten, Netherlands

European healthcare delivery organizations are being pushed to do more with less and a major movement is brewing to push healthcare outside of the home. This session offers a unique opportunity to influence the standard for IT adoption in outpatient settings by engaging in a discussion on the PC-EMRAM. The PC-EMRAM is the next generation tool to drive IT adoption in primary care and out-patient settings. This new evaluation model creates a framework for building the healthcare settings of the future. The PC-EMRAM focuses on key IT systems and health information exchange (HIE) capabilities that need to be implemented for achieving higher levels of patient access, quality, efficiency and safety. Two General Practitioners and an IT specialist from The Netherlands have adapted and transformed the model to make it more comprehensive and promote its acceptance among the Dutch GPs. They advise their regional branch of the Dutch Association of General Practitioners to implement the so-called ‘ICT-ladder’. Presented by Uwe Buddrus, Hans Peucker and Bart van Pinxteren.

The Dutch National eHealth Monitor: Benchmarking eHealth in the Netherlands – by Nictiz and NIVEL

Johan Krijgsman, Senior Consultant, Nictiz, The Netherlands

Judith de Jong, Program Coordinator, NIVEL

The Netherlands, like other European countries, are confronted with rising costs of healthcare, an ageing population and rising prevalence of chronic illness. This creates challenges with regards to ensuring access to affordable, high quality health care in the future. There are high expectations of the possible contribution of eHealth to these issues. For instance, eHealth may support patient empowerment and self management, which eventually may lead to cost reductions. This is why it is important to monitor the adoption of eHealth by healthcare professionals and patients . Nictiz and NIVEL have started a yearly eHealth benchmark and present their first results.

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