Thursday, October 31, 2013

HIMSS Europe 2013 Amsterdam - Opening Keynote

Opening remarks and keynote
Prof. Schrijvers presented on the fact that Dutch hospitals are still far from paperless. About 50% of Dutch hospitals are at stage 2 of the EMR adoption model. About 36% is at stage 5, and 9% at stage 6. No hospitals are in stage 7 yet. Although in Europe over 30% is still at level zero, in the Netherlands all hospitals are at level 1 or higher. Problems in theNetherland are still the nursing and clinical information, closed loop medication and intelligent pathways. In HIT science we should use routine outcome measurement since in other ways publications will come to late because of the delay in publication of one to two years.

The three main goals for HIT are Adoption, change management and interoperability

The opening keynote addressed reflective comments on US healthcare initiatives by Bert Reese, Kirk Heath and Betsy Rosenfield from Sentera Healthcare. Their institution has been EMRAM level 7 for five years. They described the US approach to interoperability, EMR adoption, the journey to analytics, the emergence of the mobile computing and the value proposition for technology investments. A main issue of interest is currently telemedicine.

Intelligent Health Agent
Aid to the patient to go through their complete treatment. Information about the intervention, the follow-up and revalidation. It really will allow the patient to be guided, to get information, and to provide information. The patient can be guided in what to do at what moment, when to do the excercises, etcetera.

Keys to succes
Keys to success for adopting an EMR are: Shared vision, avoid early skeppticism, realistic plans and goals, it is not an IT project, engage experienced help and support.

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