Thursday, October 31, 2013

HIMSS Europe 2013 Amsterdam - SA2: Creating the Continuity of CareRecord (CCR) – An Interoperability Initiative of Eight UniversityMedical Centers Sharing EMRs

Although a country like Estonia is able to provide a full medical records to each healthcare provider and patient (Continuity of Care Record), the Netherlands is still not there with fragmented information and a lack of interoperability. A problem still is introduced by the lack of semantic ineroperability, requiring uniformity of language. Eight university hospitals in the Netherlands have started cooperation to introduce standardization and build the patient record. In this endeavour the patient is central. Getting to semantic interoperability is a long road with several problems on the way including standards, legislation, etc. Nictiz developed an interoperability model showing the different topics that need to be addressed to achieve interoperability.

Below you will find the official information and abstracts of the programme.

Jan Christiaan Huysman, Program Manager at UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

A Core Data Set for Every Citizen

Jan Hazelzet, Pediatric Intensivist and CMIO, Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

A patient when travelling through healthcare needs to pass his medical information to each caregiver over and over again. During this journey the caregivers store this information in different systems, using different terminology and in a different contextual perspective. This situation is a burden for patients and caregivers, can lead to incomplete information and is a risk for patient safety. It is time we change this situation from a caregiver focus to a patient centered focus. This means that caregivers all look at the same patient health information. For this concept to work we need one individual core dataset suitable in every healthcare situation. In the Dutch University Hospitals we have selected such an (international) dataset and the terminology to be used.

The Long and Winding Road to Interoperability

Sjaak Gondelach, Information Architect, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

This presentation focuses on the more practical side of the exchange of patient records between hospitals, and the work of the eight UMC’s in the Netherlands to create a core dataset for semantical interoperability. We will look at the core dataset (the ‘Generieke Overdrachtsgegevens’) and the work that is done in the project, in some more detail. The presentation will also pay attention to other essential technical, organizational and legal aspects that must be addressed on the road to information exchange and semantical interoperabily between hospitals.

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