Friday, November 1, 2013

HIMSS Europe 2013 Amsterdam - SA6: Success Story from IHE Netherlands

Cross enterprise document sharing (XDS) in the Neterlands is discussed. Some exmples of possible pitfalls and problems based on experience in both regional and national (screening) infrastructures are:

Problem: lost documents because of discrepency in descriptions and lack of uniformity
Solution: standarization in coding (SNOMED, ICD-10) resulting in a Dutch standard metadataset. Role codes are also standardized.

Problem: security and privacy
Solution: ATNA secure node actor or secure application actor. Timestamp consistency

Problem: how to deal with patient consent?
Solution: no definite solution yet, ongoing discussion

Below the official information and abstracts are provided below

SA6: Success Story from IHE Netherlands

XDS in the Netherlands: Possibilities and Experiences of Implementing Cross-Institutional Collaboration

Piet-Hein Zwaal, Partner, Medical PHIT, The Netherlands

IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) allows authorized health care providers to electronically collect, store, manage, distribute and view patient documents, reports and images entirely in digital format. XDS networks are the building blocks that facilitate sharing and make the information an integral part of longitudinal patient records regardless of where the images or reports are acquired or created.

Several diagnostic imaging & document XDS deployments has been carried out in the Netherlands. These networks are separated into two different groups. The first group is the regional sharing of documents and images for patients between hospitals. The second group is the XDS infrastructures, which support the Dutch screening operations. Experiences of setting up 4 networks will be discussed.

All the Dutch projects involved the integration of different EHR, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems.

In implementing the different XDS networks, obstacles were found along the way. Some of them were technological in nature, and could be addressed directly. However, it was found that many obstacles are a mix of organisational and technical reasons.

This talk will explain the implementation outcomes and successful steps in realising XDS networks. One of those steps can be lowering the technical barriers and organisational barriers to starting with a focused use-case. Another could be starting with less interoperability from the beginning only to facilitate the organisational cooperation. Also new re-use and possibilities of combining XDS networks will be discussed.

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