Thursday, November 8, 2012

World Usability Day 2012 - Apple design

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Design in general is discussed in this session by Apple. However, many of these ideas for products can and should also apply to medical devices to ensure adoption and make them more user friendly.

The revival of apple was really started with the iPod which became a more wellknown brand than Apple itself. Now they sold 380 million iPods in 11 year.
1. How to design a good product
I=I2 innovation is iteration on iteration.
Design should not be about the product but about the experience.
I=A2 Innovation is an application.
People want the application not the product itself.

Target your audience! Make the devices not for the 'nerds' but for the regular users. Addressing the right people is really important. Apple design for the 12 o'clock flashers (people that have devices in their home with the clock flashing at 12 o'clock). In Apple the software teams include people from all kind of different people like musicians, etc to make sure what is developed makes sence to 12 o'clock flashers.

Bond with your user!
I=U2 innovation is what a user wants. Don't ask the user but look at what they do. Observe the user to see what they want.

It's not the feature set that counts but it's all about the user experience!

The lock down of IT in organizations causes a second layer of communication where users use devices and tools that are public. Organizations need to allow BYOD because if they don't they will lose their best people because they want to have the possiblities available. Apple allows organisations to block certain capabilities of their devices in the organizational network, e.g. disable the icloud ability.

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