Thursday, November 8, 2012

World Usability Day 2012 - Workshops

Besides the Apple presentation in the previous blog, other presentations were given by people from different companies and consultants on their approach to user centered design. This gave a lot of differnt insights.

After lunch the workshops were planned.

My first one was by the University Twente about participatory design. They developed a tool to facilitate this process by a game. The aim of this game is to include users in exploration and establishment of requirements of products, software or environments which are to be used in complex, activity flow oriented situations.
The case during the workshop was to develop a weight loss app for an insurance company. It was really fun to do and it stimulated the process of discussing by providing a flexible envrironment to start with with predefined roles. The parcipatory workflow design game will be available soon in the UCD Toolbox

The second worshop was about the UCD toolbox itself by Tristan Weevers. The UCD toolbox is to find, learn and apply methods for UCD. Determining the right method from the over twohundred available methods is extremely difficult and the knowledge about these methods is not centrally available but spread over a large amount of sources. The UCD toolbox provides a filter, compare and get info sequence to facilitate this selection process. The filtering process is based on what you are creating, what the goal is and how much resources you have. Based on this a basic comparison is provided of the most usefull tools. After selection of one of the choices more information is provided about the methods including indepth information and possible tweaks. It's not online yet completely but we were able to work with the prototype which really looked great. This will allow easy communication with different stakeholders about usability. Keep an eye on to see when it comes available.

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