Thursday, November 29, 2012

RSNA 2012 - Technologies for Creating Educational Content and Teaching Files

Podcasting and Screencasting for Teaching
Mahesh M. Thapa MD, Seattle, WA

Enhanced podcasts can be used to publish both vocal information and the display of images in time with the audio, chapter markers in the audio file and URL Hyperlinks.
Enhanced podcasts benefit both auditory and visual learners and allows mobile learning anytime anywhere. Furthermore it allows a further distribution of lectures.
Audacity and snapkast are two PC based software tools to make enhanced podcasts.
Suggestions when preparing and enhanced podcast:
- have a scripts
- get a headset to dictate
- normalize the audio content to make sure the volume is correct
- good hardware should be available to create the podcast
- podcast should be between 12 and 15 minutes

Another option is screencasting where the actions on the screen are recorded and can be used to construct demonstration video's. Screencasting on the ipad can be done by using 'Explain everything'. Screencasting is ideal for step by step processes and provides a movie as result that can be viewed on any platform.

Michael L. Richardson MD, Seattle, WA

Currently, making your own book is easily done by publishing an ebook which provides many advantages such as easy distribution, good images, interactive content, etc.
On pc you can use Sigil to create an epub file in a wysiwyg method. On the Mac iBooks Author is the most prominent choice which is also free and provides a very powerfull tool. The books can be easily distributed through amazon or the apple store.

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