Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RSNA 2012 - Rapid Application Development with XIP™ - the eXtensible Imaging Platform

The eXtensible Imaging Platform (XIP™) is an open source framework supporting rapid development of imaging and visualization applications. Imaging software developers can utilize XIP's visual ‘drag-and-drop’ programming tool (the XIP Builder™) and associated libraries (the XIP Libraries™) in creating applications. In addition to functions from the popular ITK and VTK libraries, the XIP Libraries include modules tailored for medical imaging, many of which are hardware accelerated via GPU programming (e.g., OpenGL® GLSL or OpenCL or CUDA C). Applications created with XIP can either run standalone, or as DICOM Hosted Applications. Through the DICOM Application Hosting interfaces (DICOM WG-23), a Hosting System, such as the XIP Host™, relieves the application developer from the need to re-implement infrastructure common to all applications (e.g.DICOM network connectivity, database, etc.). Users can execute Hosted Applications, such as those created with the XIP Libraries, via the XIP Host.


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